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Department of Experimental Physics/Material Physics

Research topics

  1. Optical processes in semiconductors and semiconductor heterostructures of reduced dimensionality

  2. New materials for electronics, opto-electronics, and sensors

  3. Development and implementation of high resolution methods for the optical spectroscopy by usage of synchrotron radiation (e.g. at the electron storage ring BESSY II, Berlin)

  4. Surface analysis of solids by Electron Spectroscopy (XPS, UPS, AES), evaluation of photo electron and valence band spectra

  5. Recrystallization and grain growth in polycrystals, nanocrystalline grain growth, Ostwald ripening, grain evolution and coarsening in solid phase systems (metals, semiconductors)

  6. Interaction and drift-diffusion of point defects at structural defects like dislocations and cracks, and their influence on mechanical strength and decohesion

  7. Characterization and coarsening kinetics of fractal phase boundaries and interfaces in metallic alloys

  8. Interaction between atoms, density functional theory (DFT) and electronic structure of interfaces, many body electron theory of exchange and correlation interaction in inhomogeneous electron gases

  9. Numerical simulation and analysis of two- and three-dimensional, mono- and polydisperse packings