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Department of Experimental Physics/Material Physics

Head of department:

Rüdiger Goldhahn
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Rüdiger Goldhahn
Phone: +49 391 67-58675
E-Mail: ruediger.goldhahn@ovgu.de
Building 16, Room 018
Consultation hours: Monday, Thursday-Friday 13-15 p.m. or by agreement


Annette Lidzba
Mrs Annette Lidzba
Phone: +49 391 67-58674
Fax: +49 391 67-48108
E-Mail: annette.lidzba@ovgu.de
Building 16, Room 019

Scientific staff:

Dana Zöllner
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dana Zöllner
Phone: +49 391 67-51894
E-Mail: dana.zoellner@ovgu.de
Homepage: http://www-e.uni-magdeburg.de/dzoellne
Building 16, Room 146
Martin Feneberg
PD Dr. rer. nat. habil. Martin Feneberg
Phone: +49 391 67-58902
E-Mail: martin.feneberg@ovgu.de
Building 16, Room 039
Eckard Specht
Dr. rer. nat. Eckard Specht
Phone: +49 391 67-52531
E-Mail: eckard.specht@ovgu.de
Building 16, Room 144
Bernd Garke
Dipl.-Phys. Bernd Garke
Phone: +49 391 67-52461
E-Mail: bernd.garke@ovgu.de
Building 16, Room 231
Stefan Freytag
Dipl.-Phys. Stefan Freytag
Phone: +49 391 67-58581
E-Mail: stefan.freytag@ovgu.de
Building 16, Room 145
Ahu Öncü
MSc Ahu Öncü
Phone: +49 391 67-58581
E-Mail: ahu.oencue@ovgu.de
Building 16, Room 145
Michael Winkler
MSc Michael Winkler
Phone: +49 391 67-58581
E-Mail: michael.winkler@st.ovgu.de
Building 16, Room 145

Alumni scientists:

Peter Streitenberger
Dr. rer. nat. habil. Peter Streitenberger
E-Mail: peter.streitenberger@ovgu.de
Building 16, Room 146

Technical staff:

Petra Kremz
Mrs Petra Kremz
Phone: +49 391 67-52828 or -52479
E-Mail: petra.kremz@ovgu.de
Building 16, Room K023
Gregor Nuglisch
Mr Gregor Nuglisch
Phone: +49 391 67-52502 or +49 391 67-52099
E-Mail: gregor.nuglisch@ovgu.de
Building 16, Room K024

Guest students:

Sergey Kuznetsov
Sergey Kuznetsov
E-Mail: sergey.kuznetsov@ovgu.de


Christoph Vogel
Mr Christoph Vogel
E-Mail: christoph.vogel@st.ovgu.de
Elias Baron
Mr Elias Baron
Phone: +49 391 67-58909
Building 16, Room 230
Florian Jacobs
Mr Florian Jacobs
Phone: +49 391 67-58909
E-Mail: florian.jacobs@st.ovgu.de
Building 16, Room 230

Alumni graduates:

Stefan Schäfer
Dipl.-Phys. Stefan Schäfer
E-Mail: stefscha@freenet.de
Robert Metzner
Dipl.-Phys. Robert Metzner
E-Mail: robert.metzner@email.de
Sarah Osterburg
Dipl.-Phys. Sarah Osterburg
E-Mail: SarahOsterburg@gmx.de
Florian Hörich
Dipl.-Phys. Florian Hörich
E-Mail: florian.hoerich@st.ovgu.de
Juliane Klamser
MSc Juliane Klamser
E-Mail: juliane_klamser@yahoo.de
Markus Braun
BSc Markus Braun
E-Mail: markus.braun@st.ovgu.de
Markus Prier
BSc Marcus Prier
E-Mail: marcus.prier@st.ovgu.de
Lukas Zwirner
MSc Lukas Zwirner
E-Mail: mail@lukaszwirner.de
Karsten Lange
Dipl.-Phys. Karsten Lange
E-Mail: karsten.lange@st.ovgu.de
Christian Lidig
Dipl.-Phys. Christian Lidig
E-Mail: christian.lidig@st.ovgu.de
Jakob Nixdorf
Dipl.-Phys. Jakob Nixdorf
E-Mail: jakob.nixdorf@st.ovgu.de
Christoph Koch
BSc Christoph Koch
E-Mail: chr-koch@web.de


Pascal Moser
Dipl.-Ing. Pascal Moser
E-Mail: pascal.moser@ovgu.de
Friedrich Gräbner
Friedrich Gräbner

Alumni guest scientists:

Fatima Romero
Dr. Maria Fatima Romero Rojo
E-Mail: fatima.romero@ovgu.de
Pavel Bokov
Dr. Pavel Bokov
E-Mail: pavel_bokov@physics.msu.ru
Dr. Sudhir Kumar
Dr. Sudhir Kumar
E-Mail: drsudhirkumar.in@gmail.com
Zahid Usman
Dr. Zahid Usman
E-Mail: zahid.usman@ovgu.de

Alumni guest students:

Mykhailo Shtefan
Mr Mykhailo Shtefan
E-Mail: mihas0311@mail.ru