Hints for formatting the data of your submitted packings

To ensure that all your submitted packings will be published at packomania as soon as possible (and to minimize the overhead of renaming and editing the files) I like to request you for sending all packings in a specified format.
  1. The radii, author name(s) and coordinates of each packing should be put in an extra file named with the extension .pck as follows. For example,

    "ccin34.pck" (for Circles in a CIrcle with r_i = i and N=34),
    "ccis23.pck" (for Circles in a CIrcle with r_i = i^(-1/2) and N=23),
    "scu12.pck" (for equal Spheres in a CUbe with N=12), and so on.

    The prefixes are the same as the names of the subdirectories of packomania.

  2. It would be great if you can write the coordinates of each packing in the following format (data in brackets are optional except the radii in the last column if there are unequal objects in the packing; in this case the radii are mandatory):

    your name(s) here
    -0.86316710103267    0.406124264223147    [z_coordinate_in_3D]    [radius_1]
    0.566009599820516    0.7058690726472174    [z_coordinate_in_3D]    [radius_2]
    -0.63521679012343    -0.582420752358981    [z_coordinate_in_3D]    [radius_3]
    0.640421565501216    -0.5058241354410553    [z_coordinate_in_3D]    [radius_4]
    -0.05910602881140    0.1526797786896851    [z_coordinate_in_3D]    [radius_5]
    -0.44254559148916    0.5771329999083729    [z_coordinate_in_3D]    [radius_6]
    0.141487900344812    0.66697902042574066    [z_coordinate_in_3D]    [radius_7]
    -0.63569636970639    -0.029203828101066    [z_coordinate_in_3D]    [radius_8]
    0.584039910169077    0.08986199788658343    [z_coordinate_in_3D]    [radius_9]
    -0.00095887178982    -0.545457690476027    [z_coordinate_in_3D]    [radius_10]

  3. All files may be zipped into an archive file.
Thank you very much for your cooperation!