Packomania's wizard   (revived on 07-FEB-2022)

Suppose, you have to pack a bundle of circles of different diameters into a larger container circle.
How must the circles be sized and arranged in order to achieve a packing density as high as possible?

Please use the following form for this calculation:

Input diameters
Please specify the number and the diameter of each subset of congruent circles at one line.
Separate number and diameter by white spaces (blanks or tabs).
diameter must be actually the diameter of each circle.

You want to pack one circle of diameter 0.056", nine circles of diameter 0.120" and two circles of diameter 0.256",
then input these data as:
1   0.056
9   0.120
2   0.256
CPU execution time
30   60   120   300Please select the CPU execution time (in seconds). The larger the execution time, the better results are expected.
For a first try, use the default value of 30 seconds.
Seed for random number generator
Give here the seed for the random number generator. Normally, this seed is generated automatically, so that repeated calls of the wizard with the same input data produce different results. But if you like to get the same result as in an earlier run then input the appropriate seed.
If you leave this input field blank then the seed will be generated automatically.

Suggestions, improvements and critique are much appreciated:   E. Specht    09.02.2023 09:22:02